Monthly Archives: January 2012

28.01.12 – Home: Kenilworth, England

After a very busy day, I’m at home drinking a Brooklyn Lager. Last time I had any of this stuff was, well, in Brooklyn, at a pizzeria under the shadow of the Bridge. Nice pizza, very nice beer. The location may have changed, but the beer hasn’t. Now think of American lager, and you probably […]

18.01.12 – Clarendon Arms, Kenilworth, England

Ah, a pub. A pub with good ale. That’s more like it. Well, it’s  a pub that concentrates mainly on food, and shares a kitchen – and chef – with the excellent Harringtons restaurant next door. The chef being one of my rugby coaching colleagues, it makes a good venue for what are euphemistically called […]

04.01.12 – Novotel, Besancon, France

There are times when just any old beer will do, and one of those is when you’ve travelled all day to get to somewhere you just don’t want to be. And you’re thirsty… And that’s where I was today. Most definitely thirsty. So to the bar… First up was Heinekin. Now it’s never one of […]

Simpkiss TNT

Back in 1985 a group of us had been looking for a pint or two in the Black Country, and were heading home past Brierley Hill when we spotted a Simpkiss pub. Any small brewery’s beer had to be worth a look, and I was partial to their Old Ale, so in we went. It […]

Beer today…

…gone tomorrow.  A selection of my thoughts on beers and bars past and present