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Beers that have been something out of the ordinary, either in the beer, the location, or simply the time.

Franklin’s Bitter

When I think of beers that formed and informed my drinking experience, few are more important than Franklin’s Bitter. I first came across it at The Gardner’s Arms, and it was a wonderful beer, not too strong, respectably balanced but wonderful hop flavours; this was one of the first craft beers in the UK. An […]

Ma Pardoe’s

Long, long ago my friends and I were on one of our periodic Black Country expeditions in search of interesting beer. Doris Pardoe had died not all that long before, so we thought it was time to visit the Old Swan before it was snapped up by some brewery. It was one of the famous […]

Simpkiss TNT

Back in 1985 a group of us had been looking for a pint or two in the Black Country, and were heading home past Brierley Hill when we spotted a Simpkiss pub. Any small brewery’s beer had to be worth a look, and I was partial to their Old Ale, so in we went. It […]