03.06.17 – Home, Kenilworth

Aldi have a few interesting beers in stock at the moment, but Cotleigh IPA particularly caught my eye. I have very fond memories of Cotleigh beers from my earliest beerhunting days, Tawny – pre-Owl – being an old (VERY old) favourite. Cotleigh are one of the longest-established “new” or “micro” breweries, and I guess have as good a claim to the “craft” tag as anybody. So I was particularly looking forward to this one; I had never yet been disappointed with any Cotleigh beer.
Poured OK and looked fine – not an enormous head, nice golden colour. Aroma not massive, but pleasantly hoppy with a touch of caramel. Then the first taste – oh dear. Somewhat metallic and massive caramel attack overwhelmed the hops, which attempted a bit of a fightback, but rather lacking in character. And so it continued. My wife pulled a face at her first taste. Even without the metallic flavour, the huge caramel is simply inappropriate for the style, and not very pleasant in this beer at all. Massively disappointing for any brewery, let along one of the quality of Cotleigh. 3/10

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