12/05/17 – The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

I drink in here in Edinburgh not just because of the name, but because it’s a rather nice pub that tends to have some decent beers on.

So for a compare and contrast, we have Stewart Brewing’s Holyrood Pale Ale, a craft keg offering in an American Pale Ale style at 5% ABV, and Williams Brothers Birds and Bees, a cask-conditioned 4.3% ABV Golden Summer Ale. Both styles were more similar than those bare descriptions allow, with plenty of hops on the nose and all the way through. The Alloa beer was a really nice pint, thoroughly enjoyable from start to all-too-soon finish; it’s not a challenging beer, but a tasty and refreshing one clearly in the brewer’s house style, as there were many notes remininscent of Fraoch. Very likable. 7/10
The Holyrood Pale Ale, though, reminded me of all that is bad about craft keg. Too cold, and way too fizzy for my taste, both attributes that tend to kill both flavour and my enjoyment of a pint. Persevering, the beer underneath was rather pleasant and actually not too dissimilar in flavour profile to the Williams beer, once it has warmed up a couple of degrees and lost some unnecessary condition. Would I have it again? Not on keg, no. 5/10

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